Review: The Truth About The Kibo Code

We are writing our Kibo Code review so that you can know the truth about this program and decide whether to go for this program or not. Let’s start our Kibo code review by knowing a few things about the program and its creators.

Overview of the Kibo Code Course

Kibo code bonuses
Course Title The Kibo Code
Course Content Premium e-commerce Business Training Course
Creators Aidan Booth, Steve Clayton
Course Module 8 Modules
Course Duration 8 Weeks
Kibo Code Price $3497 (Instalment Option Available)
Payment Modes PayPal, Bank Transfer
Official Website Click Here

Kibo Code program is the most awaited e-commerce business training program in 2020 and it will be launched by January 22, 2020. This program comes with a premium price so does its massive value. I think one should opt this if he/she is starting out the journey of their Make Money Online dream. The Kibo Code’s eCommerce business strategy is entirely new and different from the strategies we have seen so far.

We have witnessed the massive success of recent courses launched by Steve and Aidan. Most of the students who attended Parallel Profits course are now making a living from the internet!

I suggest you should give it a try. Even if you doesn’t feel like continuing after attending half of the course, your money is safe. You’re protected by ClickBank’s 60 Days Money Back Guarantee. 

Also, if you’re interested to go forward, I suggest you should download the first free bonus of Kibo Code program. There will be more bonuses coming in the upcoming days. This will help you get an idea about the program before the official launch. 

Kibo Code Bonuses

Download The Free E-Book & The Secret Framework By Clicking The Above Button

Note: There is no overnight success. The Kibo Code Course has an entirely new and lucrative business strategy. If you’re ready to work on it, the success is guaranteed. But, if you are looking for free money after paying $3497, I suggest you to step back.

The Kibo Code Review in a Glance

Since I am in Affiliate marketing for the last seven years, I have seen a lot of fake coaching programs which claimed many new secret methods, but they were just repainting on some stone-age BS.

We can’t add Kibo Code to the list of those craps. The course is highly genuine and delivers the best results if you follow the coaching and put some minimum effort. I have also reviewed some previous programs by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. They always value their profession and never make fake promises. I have done a thorough research before coming up with this Kibo Code eCom training program review and I feel it is nothing less than a genuine, fool proof opportunity for newbies as well as experienced guys. And I bet you won’t find any negative Kibo Code review on the web.

Our Rating

What Really is Kibo Code Program?

It is an online training program that will teach you about online marketing to earn profit by selling different products. This program has 6 modules that are covered in the 8-week training program. This marketing does not need you to sell any product on Amazon or run facebook ads as you will learn a new technique to earn money by selling products. The creators of Kibo Code program want to share their secret to rule the e-Commerce industry with the help of this course.

I will explain each steps below;

  1. You need to buy a good quality domain. You will be provided with a tool to find a best domain. So, this part will be done easily.
  2. Set-up a store website using the newly bought domain. (You will have few high converting eCom store themes. Just installing them won’t take more than 60 seconds.)
  3. Add the products to website ( No need to create your own images or texts)
  4. You can drive massive traffic to the website using the untapped traffic generation methods mentioned in the program. (This part really attracted me 🙂 )
  5. When a sale is made, Few suppliers located in United States will directly drop-ship the products to the customer. ( The hardest part of running an eCom store is handling the inventory. But, This method help you get rid of that part)
  6. Just optimize your website by choosing the most profitable products and scale up your business by creating more such websites.

What is Included in Kibo Code Course?

Kibo Code includes 8 different modules that will take you through all the techniques that you need to follow to start your online business.

Module 1- Central Intelligence

The creators wanted to ensure that every person can get benefit from this program and introduced a classified training that revealing every step of the Kibo Code system. In the first module, they included the basics of marketing through step by step videos and descriptions.   You will learn how to do the whole process by yourself.

Module 2- Velocity Hub

This Kibo Code module, ” VELOCITY HUB – Accelerated Coaching To Get You Selling In 7 Days Or Less” will provide you with creative strategies to quick-start the process and get your first sale in the next few days. According to Steve and Aidan, getting your first income within 7 days helps you to improve your confidence and you will start enjoying the process.

Module 3- StoreStorm

This is the most important module of the Kibo Code system. The tool will help you to build your E-Commerce Store website in less than 60 seconds by adding some gorgeous eCom themes to your newly bought domain. It’s super easy. Because I know the efforts to do while creating an E-Commerce website from scratch.

Module 4- Profit Vault

When I first started my Amazon affiliate website back in 2013, I tried many products that doesn’t have good profit or enough selling capacity. It took me more than 1 year to find a profitable product (It was a baby cradle). The Profit Vault will reveal a list of highly profitable products to the Kibo Code Students.

But, what i love the most about this module is, it will also teach you how to dig deeper to find a gold mine of more than 3 million highly paying products.

Module 5- Traffic Black Box

The Traffic Black Box Module will tell you how to get massive traffic to your e-com store by using some untapped traffic generation methods. Once you start this step, you will see the sales are coming.

Module 6- Oracle X

Product bidding or Product research is a skill that helps you to find the most relevant and profitable products for your store. This module is focused on searching for the winning products that are attracting the users and are giving a better profit.

This module will make all the processes automated and you won’t need to run the whole system or spend your valuable time on this.

Module 7- The War Room

This Module will act as a dashboard or control panel for the whole system. You can keep an eye on the process and handle the Kibo Code system very easily using the War Room Module.

Module 8- Kibo Academy

When I asked few students about Aidan’s previous programs, one thing they all mentioned is about the timely support the creators giving the students. The Kibo Academy’s sole purpose is to help students to clarify their doubts and improve their performance. By using the community, you could also get help from other students.

About Kibo Code Creators – Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton

Steve Clayton and Aidan are the creators of this program who have been in this business for a long time. They started their careers by learning about marketing and finding affordable ways to start an e-commerce store. After years of practice, they are now earning millions from their stores, using their Internet marketing skills. Steve and Aidan are very known to every affiliate marketer since they had huge success with their previous products and courses. Many people who learned from Aidan Booth are already made enough money to survive their whole life.

Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth have created many other programs like Parallel profits, 100k factory for their students to learn the basics of marketing.

Aidan’s Previous Programs – a look back!

  1. Parallel Profit

Kibo code is not the first program created by Aidan and Steve as they have created a Parallel Profit Program before it. It is an internet marketing course that aims to help everyone to start their journey of making money online.

  1. 7 Figure Cycle

This is another program by Aidan and Steve that is focused on earning money through Amazon FBA. In this program, they have shared all the techniques you need to adapt in your business to earn 7 figure income with the Amazon FBA program.

  1. 100k factory

This program was also created by Aidan and Steve that focuses on earning money online with the help of affiliate marketing. They have launched 2 different versions of this course after getting positive results from their students.

Pros and Cons of the Kibo Code Course


  • Easy to learn-Steve and Aidan know the struggle you may face in learning the new and complicated techniques of marketing. They have created this course considering all the factors and have included all the background knowledge you may need.
  • Does not require investment-This program has some different ways to earn profit by selling profitable products with your e-commerce store. You will not need to buy even a single product by following their techniques.
  • Experienced creators- This program is created by the marketing professionals who are running their own e-commerce stores for a long time.You can get the experience of these creators by enrolling in this program that will help you in running your store.
  • Affordable-This program will be reasonable so that everyone can go for it and it will focus on helping you get a good earning after 8 weeks of training. You will be able to earn back the invested amount in less than 1 month with the help of the techniques discussed in this program.


  • Might not be affordable for everyone – Even though the actual value of course is 8 times more than the current price, it might not be affordable for everyone. 

Who should Try Kibo Code Training Program?

Kibo code is for those who want to start their career in e-commerce and affiliate marketing business. The creators of this program believe that even a beginner can enroll in this program as they have covered all the marketing basics in the first module.

Kibo Code Bonuses

This program is not limited to the training as you will also get some bonuses with this program. Some of them are:

The Download Page will open in a new tab. Your Kibo Code Download is secured.

Upcoming Bonuses of Kibo Code Program

If you decide to join the Kibo Code program, they will also hand you with some bonuses

Bonus 1 : The Secret Mastermind

This is one of the most valuable bonuses of the Kibo Code program. You will get advanced workshops with additional tactics, formulas, and strategies worth $4997.This will help you to be live in the ecommerce market by framing advanced blueprints.

Bonus 2 : Kibo Code Live Recordings

You will be provided with the full recordings of our life event with guest speakers and inner circle secrets. This extra bonus that worths $3997 will provide opportunities for revising content according to the learner’s pace and needs.

Bonus 3 : 7-Figure Scaling Secrets

You will get exclusive training that reveals how to scale your business to a 7-figure run rate that worth $4497. This provides you a unique style to earn money through ecommerce.

Kibo Code Price & Installment Plans

Kibo Code will cost you $3497. You can also pay the course fee by three installments and each installment is expected to be $1167.

Check Other Payment Options – Click Here

Kibo Code Review Conclusion

It looks like this program is going to attract a lot of attention as it has a lot of things to offer. Anyone willing to get rid of their 9-5 job can join this program and learn some new ways to earn money.

We recommend this program as we have got some internal details of this program and the modules are promising. The creators of this program know a lot about marketing as they have doing it for years. The best thing about this program is that the creators have already made millions of dollars by following the methods they included in this program.

Kibo Code program offers techniques that do not need to buy any product or to run any paid ads to make the profit selling products. They will teach you every single detail that you need to get your business up and running.

More details about this product will be available once the product is released and we would really love to hear your Kibo code review.

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