Game Of Thrones Writer Explains What The Night King’s Symbol Means

Are you up thus far with the 8 and final season of Game of Thrones yet? If you’re, you are in all probability – just like the remainder of U.S. – up to your neck in fan theories and approximation games, to not mention desperate to discover World Health Organization can eventually sit on the Iron Throne as ruler of Westeros.

However, before we have a tendency to get thereto there’s a much bigger battle to require a place, the ultimate disagreement between the living and therefore the dead.

The army of the dead is, as everybody is aware of, marshaled by the Night King. He was created by the youngsters of the Forest and has been the topic of a lot of speculation and thought relating to World Health Organization he was, why he was created and what he needs.

Now, one amongst the writers has cleared things up simply a touch bit.


Remember the image that the Night King leaves concerning the place? It’s the form of a spiral. we have seen it a couple of times before – once within the terribly 1st episode at the paw of the primary Men, and another time at the creation of the Night King close a Weirwood tree.

Then we have a tendency to say it once more within the latest episode, within the scene wherever Lord Umber wakened from the dead and panic-stricken the living daylights out of individuals.

But what will this eccentric image mean? Is it just like the Targaryen sigil? Is it simply a form that he likes? Well, Dave Hill, United Nations agency wrote the episode, spoke to the NY Post concerning it and offered some clarity.

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Hill said: “As we tend to saw with Bran and also the Three-Eyed Raven, the spiral pattern was sacred to the youngsters of the Forest, United Nations agency created the Night King by sacrificing a captured man during a spiral ‘henge of stones’.

“The Night King then adopted the image as a form of blasphemy, like Beelzebub with the turned cross.”

Hmm. OK then.

If true, which means that each one of the flaky fan theories that area unit sound around concerning this area unit wrong. However, it might appear a small amount underwhelming if it clothed to mean nothing the least bit, would not it?

After showing it to us on so many occasions, you’d have to believe that it means something, wouldn’t you? Why not give us your opinion on it? Tell us what you reckon is going on in the world of Westeros over at Game of Thrones: Westeros Posting on Facebook. The second episode of the final season of Game of Thrones will air on Sky Atlantic on Monday 22 April at 2am, then again at 9pm that same day.

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